Thursday, March 15, 2012

I had a very productive day today in everything other than beading.  As you get to know me you will see that I Love technology and gadgets. 
The latest gadget I got arrived from Amazon today.  It is the sensor for your I Phone from Nike.  It is like a pedometer on steroids.  I got it to keep track and to motivate me to walk.  I already had the I Phone and needed the 20.00 sensor to put on your shoe.
This is what it looks like.
You can attach it to your shoe/sneaker with velcro, buy a little pouch that attaches to your laces, or you can spend money to buy Nike shoes with a hole under the sole of the shoe to place the sensor.  I went for the 5 dollar pouch.
Once in/on your shoe you walk around a little bit, start the app on your phone,  select the playlist you want to work out to and you are ready to go.  You can also select the type of work out you want, open ended, timed or a distance goal.  At one point it asks your weight so the calories burned can be tracked.

Today I went 1.58 miles, walked that is.  Since the sensor arrived today, I figured I would shoot for 30 days in a row.  Did you know that you can build a habit in 30 days?  Taking Oliver for a walk is killing two birds with one stone.  I am getting some much needed exercise, and Ollie is getting tired out. 

The only Beading I did today was to choose seed beads for the Tree of Life Cuff.  As you can see from the photo above, I chose copper chain for the last cuff.  This time I am going with a pewter color.  I will gather all of the supplies tomorrow and share with you all of the components that will be used in the cuff.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Yesterday's Studio time was cut short after the propane ran out.  I was able to make some beads with spring green.  I also have been making a lot of beads with orange and coral. 

I have been working on 5 pieces to be viewed by a jury for a local art league.  I was able to create a Tree of Life cabochon yesterday that I am pleased with.  I will  be  creating another Tree of Life cuff with felted wool as the canvas.  Much like the one pictured below. 
The cabochon pictured above is the one I created yesterday.  I will be using it to create the felted cuff that will be judged for the league.  As you can see the patina of the tree is a bit different from the one pictured above.  I like the look and will start to look at seed beads to see if I can compliment the colors in the cabochon.   This is one of my favorite colors, Copper Green.  It has so many different looks.  I am pleased with the tree and can't wait to get started on the cuff.

I was also able to create another flower for a "Passion Flower Necklace"  I have been working with a lot of turquoise and coral.  So I have started to play around with some components with that color scheme.  I will share more about that later.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Welcome to The Glass Bead Tree.
My name is Stacy Weeks Schoell and I am a glass bead Artist.  My passion is making glass beads and designing jewelry.
I have been doing crafts since I was in my early teens.  However I found my medium the day I made my first bead.
I still enjoy other crafts from time to time, however I am always adding one of my glass beads.

I live in New Hampshire with my family.  We recently added Ollie, a golden retriever puppy, to the family. 
This is one of my favorite photos of Ollie, my daughter Mackenzie took the photograph.  She is an avid photographer.

This is a photo of Ollie on his first Visit to the Ocean. 

Since we got Ollie, I have been busy finding ways to keep him busy and tired so we can make it to the studio to make some beads. Since he is a puppy and wants to taste everything, I can only bring him to the studio when he wants to nap or chew a bone in his crate.  There are too many glass rods that would not mix well with the pup.
That being said, it is nap time and time to head to the studio to make some beads. 
I have a couple of orders and need to make some Robins and eggs for the Robin Lariat. 

On a last note:
The last couple of days I have been talking to and visiting with family and friends.  It seems that the topic of what inspires us to create keeps coming up in conversation. 
It could be an image you see in a catalog or magazine.  One friend chooses a color each day.  I like choosing something from nature.  Spring has been on my mind.  You can see that in the new line that I created using leaves, Robins, and eggs.
So if you are looking for something to inspire you today.  Choose a color of spring to get the creativity flowing.  I have chosen Spring Green.
That being said I am off to the studio.
Enjoy your day!